In this instance, the first thing to consider is the deadline. The final deadline for confirming a swap is 19 July. This means that all the universities involved must have notified UCAS by that date and UCAS must have actioned the swap. Once that date has passed, you will have to wait until A-level results day.

If you are seriously considering swapping, you should start the process at least a week in advance of the deadline.

1. What should I do first?

Contact UCAS and let them know what you would like to do. They can advise you and make a note of it on their system. This means that they will be able to support the swap you’re requesting if things are moving too slowly.

2. Contact the university you’d now like to make your firm (or insurance)

You won’t be able to swap unless they are willing to accept you.

Contact the admissions team and find out if there are still places on the course you rejected. Explain your situation including why you have changed your mind. If it is less than a week until the deadline, make sure you phone first and follow up with an email confirming you’d like to make the change.

If they are willing to make you another offer, ask them to confirm it in writing to you and send this to UCAS as proof.

3. Contact your current university choice and explain

Once you've got confirmation that you can get the place you want, you need to let your firm choice know - either that you’d like to decline their offer completely or make them your insurance.

Contact their admissions team, explain that you have changed your mind and explain what you would like to do next. Let them know you have contacted UCAS and made them aware of your intention. Follow up in writing and ask they confirm in writing they have read your request and followed up with UCAS.

4. UCAS swaps your decisions on Track for you

UCAS will make the swap for you once the universities have emailed their agreement. 


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