Fairy Ring use

A player using the Fairy ring at Zanaris

Fairy Ring dials

The Fairy Ring user interface

After starting Fairytale Part Two - Cure a Queen , players are given access to the Fairy Rings by the Fairy Godfather.  These rings resemble mushrooms growing in a circle, and while the player is wielding a Dramen staff, the player will be transported directly to Zanaris.  If the player uses the fairy ring located at Zanaris, a screen will display letters that must be rotated to form a code.  Different codes offer a variety of different locations to teleport the player directly to that location.  Depending on the combination that the player enters, that code will determine where the player teleports.

Fairy Ring Code Location Map Location
a i q  Mudskipper Point, East of Rimmington. AIQ
a j q  Dark Cave: South of Dorgeshuun.  Requires: Death to the Dorgeshuun Quest.
a j r

Rellekka: Slayer Cave.

a k q Piscatoris: Hunter Area. AKQ

a k s

Feldip:  Hunter Area. AKS
a l q

Haunted woods,

east of Canifis.

Fairy Ring 2

Location east of Canifis

a l s  Mcgrubor's Woods. ALS
b i q Kharidian Desert: Near Kalphite Hive. BIQ
b j q  Ancient Cavern Dungeon.
b j r

Fisher Realm .

Requires Holy Grail.

b k p

Feldip:  South of Castle Wars. BKP
b k r  Mort Myre: South of Canifis. Fairy Rings 1
b l p

TzHaar City.

b l r Legend's Guild.
c i p

North-west side of Miscellania.

Requires completion of The Fremennik Trials Quest.

c i q North-west of Yanille, near Gnome Village.
c j r Sinclair Mansion
c k r West of Shilo Village, near the Nature Altar. CKR
c k s Morytania:  West of Canifis, near the Mushroom Patch.
c l s Jungle Spider island, West of Yanille.  Quick access to Hazelmere's house.
d i s Wizard's Tower , south of Draynor .
d j p South of Ardougne , East of the Tower of Life
d j r Sinclair Mansion Fairy Ring number 2.  Yes, there are two of them.
d k p South of Musa Point, East side of Karamja island.
d k r Edgeville cannoe station. Fairy Ring DKR
d k s Rellekka:  South of the Snow Hunter Area DKS
d l q Desert : North of Nardah DLQ
d l s Mort Myre: Myreque hideout The Hollows.  Requires In Search of the Myreque.

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