This is a wonderful development project. I thank you! I am more of a purist code designer, but with the advent of HTML5 and CSS3 things got tough and the bug where you couldn't have any spaces between divs (or having to use comments, or set the font size to 0) always upset me and corrupted the beauty of the code (I see it as a bug in HTML because margin:0 on both divs doesn't work!). It frustrated me to no end and I lost my love for designing standardized, best practices coded websites. Now you arm me with tricks of the trade I don't have to research forever.

I'll give it 5 stars on Google Play asap (already did in another account).  

I'll be spreading the news about Mobirise. After all, the best news is word-of-mouth, right? Well, it's digital word-of-mouth, telling everyone about it in my design groups and communities as I visit them and get that opportunity.

OK, enough of that, I have a lot of websites that I need to get online.  


I have some opinion for you to get Mobirise web builder into better. hope you don't mind.


Can you provide a save function for all users, because Mobirise will auto save files each time editing. Perhaps, create a save file function for user, so user can save the web editor by themselve. It will be stable for your editor, perhaps.

On the other hand, can you please remove your web URL in the browser to view source at the top for "Site made with Mobirise Web Builder v2.5.2, " This is will make all website isn't look into own website. Hope you can change it and provide this feature.


Can you please check the logo position in the header for any smartphone, the image of logo too big for any smartphone site, and will make the drop down button hard to press, and mobirise works a bit slow in smartphone. Please upgrade and best fix in any smartphone and table site view.


Can Mobirise provide more contact form design with more fill up details, more better galleries slider and good button design? Mobirise button design is too boring and not professional. In additional, please provide a better animation for CSS button design, text design, galleries slider effect and images pop-up design. These animated design will be more attractive for visitors.

I really wish and 100% support for Mobirise should provide a 100% full and free HTML coding editor for all users to change the coding in Mobirise web builder. On the above features will make Mobirise web builder become professional and even beautiful.

As a lot of people love Wordpress web builder, because it has a free HTML coding editor. I wish Mobirise will has this as very sooner. 

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