Simple Worksheet for “Can you..?” Interview

English Level: Beginner

Target Vocabulary: Can you … swim / play guitar / play soccer (football) / read / fly?

Description: This is a very simple worksheet I created to practice questions using ‘Can you…?” I have used this worksheet with my grade 2 and grade 3 Japanese elementary school students.

Speaking Activity Execution:

  • First, teach basic verbs. I use these action cards for teaching verbs. Then teach “Can you swim?” and the appropriate responses (“Yes, I can. / No, I can’t.”)
  • Put the students in pairs.
  • If they can write, you can have them start by asking their partner “What is your name?” and then filling in the name on the worksheet (Where it says “Name 1”). Skip this step if you think it would be too hard.
  • Have them ask each other “Can you swim?” If the answer is yes, they can either write “YES” (spell it on the board) or have them draw a circle (or a check mark). If they can’t, write “no” or draw an x.
  • When they are finished with all five of the questions, they can find another partner and fill in the third column with their responses.

I have small classes, so when the activity is finished, I usually have each student stand up and make one sentence (e.g. “Kenji can’t play guitar.”)

Worksheet Download: can-you-worksheet.doc

Worksheet Preview:

preview of can worksheet

Note: I do not own the copyright to the clip-art images contained in the worksheet.


I hope you find this useful for your English classes.

– Matthew Barton /

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