la Ceterum Augustus subsidia dominationi Claudium Marcellum sororis filium admodum adulescentem pontificatu et curuli aedilitate, M. Agrippam ignobilem loco, bonum militia et victoriae socium, geminatis consulatibus extulit, mox defuncto Marcello generum sumpsit; Tiberium Neronem et Claudium Drusum privignos imperatoriis nominibus auxit, integra etiam tum domo sua.

en Augustus meanwhile, as supports to his despotism, raised to the pontificate and curule aedileship Claudius Marcellus, his sister's son, while a mere stripling, and Marcus Agrippa, of humble birth, a good soldier, and one who had shared his victory, to two consecutive consulships, and as Marcellus soon afterwards died, he also accepted him as his son-in-law. Tiberius Nero and Claudius Drusus, his stepsons, he honoured with imperial tides, although his own family was as yet undiminished.

la Fecit filium suum esse divitem.

en He made his son a wealthy man.

la Hac ratione ad actum sunt adducendae modestae et efficaces compages comitandi vitam oborientem, peculiari modo iuxta matres quae parere atque suum filium instituere non timent etiam deficiente patris auxilio.
en To this end, appropriate and effective programmes of support for new life must be implemented, with special closeness to mothers who, even without the help of the father, are not afraid to bring their child into the world and to raise it.

la Cur filium meum accusas?

en Why do you accuse my son?

la Verbum Dei, denique, quaestionem providet de ipsius vitae sensu suumque praebet responsum dum ad Christum Iesum, incarnatum Dei Filium, dirigit hominem qui vitam humanam plenissime complet.
en In the end, the word of God poses the problem of the meaning of life and proffers its response in directing the human being to Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Word of God, who is the perfect realization of human existence.

la Exim diversi ordiantur, hic magnitudinem Romanam, opes Caesaris et victis gravis poenas, in deditionem venienti paratam clementiam; neque coniugem et filium eius hostiliter haberi: ille fas patriae, libertatem avitam, penetralis Germaniae deos, matrem precum sociam; ne propinquorum et adfinium, denique gentis suae desertor et proditor quam imperator esse mallet.

en Then began a controversy. The one spoke of the greatness of Rome, the resources of Caesar, the dreadful punishment in store for the vanquished, the ready mercy for him who surrenders, and the fact that neither Arminius's wife nor his son were treated as enemies; the other, of the claims of fatherland, of ancestral freedom, of the gods of the homes of Germany, of the mother who shared his prayers, that Flavus might not choose to be the deserter and betrayer rather than the ruler of his kinsfolk and relatives, and indeed of his own people.

la Semper enim adfirmant orientales Patres fieri haud posse ut quid Deus sit cognoscatur; scire solum licere Eum esse, quoniam in historia salutis sese uti Patrem, Filium et Spiritum Sanctum patefecerit (Cfr.
en The Eastern Fathers always assert that it is impossible to know what God is; one can only know that he is, since he revealed himself in the history of salvation as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.(

la Itemque per christiana dogmata, quibus edocemur Dei Filium, hominem factum amore hominum, eumdemque fabri filium ipsumque opificem (22) adorare, humanus labor ad veri nominis dignitatem provectus est; qui quidem humanus labor ita tunc temporis spernebatur, ut vel ipse M.
en It is Christianity that adores the Son of God, made Man for love of man, and become not only the "Son of a Carpenter" but Himself a "Carpenter."[

la Ecce Dei Filium, qui sua in resurrectione funditus persensit super se misericordiam, Patris hoc est amorem, qui. morte efficacior est.
en Here is the Son of God, who in His resurrection experienced in a radical way mercy shown to Himself, that is to say the love of the Father which is more powerful than death.

la Cum exaltaveritis Filium hominis, tunc cognoscetis quia ego sum.

en When ye have lifted up the Son of Man, then shall ye know that I am he.

la Praecipuus hic modus consortionis cum novo homine, qui paulatim conformatur, ipse vicissim animi talem habitum gignit erga hominem - non tantum proprium in filium sed etiam erga hominem in universum - ut altissime iam totum exprimat mulieris ingenium.
en This unique contact with the new human being developing within her gives rise to an attitude towards human beings - not only towards her own child, but every human being - which profoundly marks the woman's personality.

la In Religione Christiana Iesu Filium Dei esse putatur.

en In Christianity, Jesus is believed to be the son of God.

la Iterum perpendentes admirandum hunc Magisterii Concilii locum, minime obliviscimur, ne unum quidem temporis rnomentum, Iesum Christum Filium Dei viventis factum esse reconciliationem nostram apud Patrem.(
en As we reflect again on this stupendous text from the Council's teaching, we do not forget even for a moment that Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God, become our reconciliation with the Father48.

la Ponderantes itaque quae renuntiant Evangelia de Christi animo in mulierem, colligere valemus veluti hominem Israel filium patefacere illum dignitatem “filiarum Abrahae” (Cfr.
en Meditating on what the Gospels say about Christ's attitude towards women, we can conclude that as a man, a son of Israel, he revealed the dignity of the "daughters of Abraham" (cf.

la Deus unus potest nobis suipsius veram plenamque impertire cognitionem, seipsum revelans uti Patrem, Filium et Spiritum Sanctum, cuius nos per gratiam ad aeternam vitam participandam vocamur, hisce in terris in obscuritate fidei, et post mortem in sempiterna luce.
en God alone can give us right and full knowledge of this reality by revealing Himself as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, in whose eternal life we are by grace called to share, here below in the obscurity of faith and after death in eternal light.

la Sic sane intellecta, contritio est principium et veluti anima conversionis, illius videlicet mutationis, quae in Evangelio metdnoia dicitur, quae ad Deum hominem reducit, perinde ac filium prodigum, redeuntem ad patrem, quaeque in Sacramento Paenitentiae habet adspectabile suum signum, ipsam attritionem perficiens.
en Understood in this way, contrition is therefore the beginning and the heart of conversion, of that evangelical metanoia which brings the person back to God like the prodigal son returning to his father, and which has in the sacrament of penance its visible sign and which perfects attrition.

la Mater fidei, Filium hominis comitata es ad templum qui promissa Patribus facta impleret; trade Patri gloriae eius causa sacerdotes Filii tui, Foederis Arca.
en O Mother of Faith, you accompanied to the Temple the Son of Man, the fulfillment of the promises given to the fathers; give to the Father for his glory the priests of your Son, O Ark of the Covenant.

la Evangelii sermones autem de muliere, quae patitur dolores cum ipsi tempus impendet quo filium est paritura, continuo post testantur gaudium. Quod nempe gaudium inde exoritur quod natus est homo: propter gaudium quia natus est homo in mundum”.
en But the words of the Gospel about the woman who suffers when the time comes for her to give birth to her child, immediately afterwards express joy: it is "the joy that a child is born into the world".

la In media hac ipsa luce reperitur veritas in colloquio cum Nicodemo patefacta: “Sic enim dilexit Deus mundum, ut Filium suum unigenitum daret”.(
en At the heart of this light is the truth expounded in the conversation with Nicodemus: "For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son"(31).

la Neque tamen ea re fides nostra turbetur, quasi huiusmodi auxilium, ab ea adiunctum, quae nobis omnino, praeter peccatum, similis est, postram laedat dignitatem, idemque impediat, quominus necessitudinis vincula, quibus Dei Filium adoramus et cum ipso amicitia coniungimur, artissima atque continuata sint.
en Nevertheless, let our faith not be perturbed, as if the intervention of a creature in every way similar to us, except as regards sin, offended our personal dignity and prevented the intimacy and immediacy of our relationships of adoration and friendship with the Son of God.

la Putabam Didymum filium esse Mariae.

en I thought Tom was Mary's son.

la Ad Crucem, cum Ioannem ut filium accipit, cum id una cum Christo flagitat a Patre, ut ignoscat illis qui nesciunt quid faciunt (Cfr. Luc.
en At the foot of the Cross, when she accepts John as her son, when she asks, together with Christ, forgiveness from the Father for those who do not know what they do (cf.

la ille infensus Blaeso aemulatione prava, quod eum omni dedecore maculosum egregia fama anteibat, cubiculum imperatoris reserat, filium eius sinu complexus et genibus accidens.

en An unworthy jealousy made him the enemy of Blaesus, whose illustrious character raised him far above one who was stained with every infamy; he burst into the Imperial chamber, and clasping to his bosom the Emperor's son, fell at his knees.

la In his autem Pauli verbis doctrina ipsius Iesu fideliter resonat, qui mysticam unitatem discipulorum cum Se ipso et inter eos revelavit eamque quasi imaginem et propagationem proponit arcanae illius communionis quae Patrem cum Filio coniungit et Filium cum Patre in vinculo amoris Spiritus Sancti (Cfr. Io.
en In the words of Saint Paul we find again the faithful echo of the teaching of Jesus himself, which reveals the mystical unity of Christ with his disciples and the disciples with each other, presenting it as an image and extension of that mystical communion that binds the Father to the Son and the Son to the Father in the bond of love, the Holy Spirit (cf.

la Interioris promptitudinis donum, ad filium recipiendum ac pariendum, cum conubiali iungitur consortione quae, uti iam est dictum, constituere debet peculiare momentum illius mutuae donationis sui tam a muliere quam a viro.
en The gift of interior readiness to accept the child and bring it into the world is linked to the marriage union, which - as mentioned earlier - should constitute a special moment in the mutual self-giving both by the woman and the man.

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