Farmstay accommodation gives you the opportunity to experience real rural life in New Zealand. Our Farmstay Guide includes a huge variety of accommodation on farms, from small hobby farms to full scale sheep & cattle stations. There are also opportunities to stay at orchards and elegant country properties

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Farmstay accommodation options range from full Bed & Breakfast in farm homesteads through to farm cottages and even some shearers’ quarters type accommodation!

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New Zealand B&B Accommodation

Bed & Breakfast (B&B) Accommodation

B&B accommodation varies enormously from sumptuous, purpose built boutique "lodges" to quite modest private homes. All B&B's usually accommodate just a small number of guests.

New Zealand Homestay Accommodation

Homestay Accommodation

Similar in many ways to a full Bed & Breakfast, Homestay accommodation is more like going to stay with friends. You can expect a bedroom, often with private bathroom facilities, in your host’s home.

New Zealand Farmstay accommodation

Farmstay Accommodation

Farmstay accommodation is often a "Homestay" on a farm where guests also get an opportunity to see something of real farm life in New Zealand. Many farmstays either offer an evening meal with the hosts or allow guests to use the farm kitchen to cook their own.

New Zealand Vineyard Accommodation

Vineyard Accommodation

An opportunity to stay among the vines of some famous New Zealand wines! Here you will find a variety of accommodation styles ranging from full luxury Bed & Breakfast to more rustic self contained cottages, all on vineyards.

New Zealand Hosted self-catering accommodation

Hosted Self Catering Accommodation

Hosted self catering accommodation is perhaps best described as a "mini motel", being a fully self contained and self catering, annex or cottage located in the grounds of your host’s home, or at least very nearby.


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