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by Santorini Dave • Updated: October 26, 2018

Santorini Hotels – Tips and Advice

  • Booking.com – The best site (and the best prices) for booking hotels in Santorini.
  • Book hotels early. The best Santorini hotels sellout 6 to 10 months in advance. (Booking.com has free cancelation for most hotels so you’re better off reserving early and then canceling if you need to.)
  • Don’t use a travel agency or Expedia – both suck. They have pre-arranged “deals” with a handful of hotels. They promote these hotels regardless of their quality, view, or location.
  • Best Santorini Honeymoon Hotels: Cosmopolitan SuitesKatikiesCavo TagooSophia Suites
  • Best Santorini Towns: Fira, Oia, Imerovigli, and Firostefani. They all have fantastic views of the volcano and caldera. These are the towns that make Santorini so special.
  • Best Fira Hotels: Aria SuitesCosmopolitan Suites
  • Best Oia Hotels: KatikiesCanaves SuitesPerivolas
  • Best Imerovigli Hotels: GraceAstra SuitesCavo Tagoo
  • Best Firostefani Hotels: Tsitouras CollectionHomeric PoemsBelvedere
  • Santorini Hotels with the best sunset views: Grace and Esperas Traditional Houses.
  • Cheap Hotels in Fira: San Giorgio Villas (no view) • Kavalari (caldera view)
  • Cheap Hotels in Oia: Anemomilos (no view) • Strogili (caldera view)
  • Cheap Hotels in Imerovigli: Merovigliosso (no view) • Kasimatis Studios (caldera view)
  • Cheap Hotels in Firostefani: Hotel Sofia (no view) • Agali Houses (caldera view)
  • The best new hotel in Santorini is Cavo Tagoo located a 10 minute walk north of Imerovigli. It’s a quiet stunning location – perfect for a honeymoon.
  • Best restaurants in Santorini: Roka (Oia) • Ammoudi Fish Taverna (Ammoudi) • Mezzo (Imerovigli) • Anogi (Imerovigli) • Avocado (Imerovigli) • Argo (Fira) • Ouzeri (Fira) • Naoussa (Fira) • Lucky’s Souvlaki (Fira) • Metaxy Mas (Exo Gonia) • Cava Alta (Pyrgos)
  • Best bars in Santorini: Tropical (Fira – great views and sunset) • Kira Thira Jazz Bar (Fira – small club, great vibe) • Two Brothers (Fira – fun, friendly, and crazy) • Koo Bar (Fira – best dance club) • Hasapiko (Oia – super fun, also known as Mary Kay, the only true bar in Oia)
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The 17 Best Hotels in Santorini

Santorini is known for its fantastic hotels and the best luxury hotels on Santorini are essentially boutique hotels – small privately owned hotels. There are no large impersonal chain hotels on Santorini. There are no all-inclusive hotels or mega resorts in Santorini.

The towns along the caldera on the west side of the island (Fira, Firostefani, Imerovigli, and Oia) are where you’ll find most of the five-star hotels on Santorini. The views and settings in these 4 villages are magical. It’s easy to walk between Fira, Firostefani, and Imerovigli but Oia is a two-hour hike (or 10 minutes by bus or taxi) north of Imerovigli so feels like a separate part of the island.

Of any destination in Europe, Santorini is the one place where splurging on a great hotel is money well spent. In so many destinations (Paris, London, Rome) you spend a majority of your day out and about. But in Santorini, with those incredible views, it’s common for people to spend a good chunk of their holiday lounging on their deck, jaw dropped, staring out into the caldera.

  • Click the hotel name to check prices on Booking.com (my favorite website for booking hotels). Book 6 to 10 months in advance for the best rates and rooms.

1. Grace Santorini – Imerovigli

Grace Resort is the best 5-star hotel in Santorini.
Hotel phone: +30 2286 021300
Grace is the best hotel on Santorini. It has amazing views of the caldera and sunset and looks out on the iconic Skaros Rock. All rooms are unique and enchanting. The restaurant is fantastic and the pool is among the best along the caldera. The catch? You need to book at Grace months (sometimes years) in advance.

2. Katikies Hotel – Oia

Katikies Hotel is the best hotel in Oia.
Hotel phone: +30 2286 071401
Katikies is the best hotel in Oia. Trendy vibe, great location (easy access by taxi unlike some of Oia’s hotels), 3 swimming pools, wonderful breakfast. Their intimate restaurant is one of Santorini’s finest and has only 4 tables. Katikies is one of the few hotels in Oia that has an elevator if you’re worried about climbing steps.

3. Astra Suites – Imerovigli

Astra Suites Resort in Imerovigli, Santorini.
Hotel phone: +30 2286 024763
Many magazines have called Astra Suites the best hotel in Greece and it’s hard to summon much of an argument. Suites are huge and beautifully decorated. All have a kitchenette and private terrace. The infinity pool looks out into the caldera and sunset views are among the best on the island.

4. Perivolas – Oia

Perivolos is a luxury hotel in Oia.
Hotel phone: +30 2286 071308
Cave hotel with minimalist design, incredible infinity pool, and greats views. Every suite has a kitchenette, some have private pool.

5. Tsitouras Collection – Firostefani

Tsitouras Collection is a luxury boutique hotel in Firostefani.
Hotel phone: +30 2286 023747
Run by 2 energetic owners (George and Eleni) who are filled with passion, charm, and helpfulness. This is a magical little hotel with fantastic views, suites, and service. And rare for Santorini: few steps and little climbing are required to get to and from the hotel. Nice pool too.

6. Canaves Suites – Oia

Canaves Oia Hotel in Santorini, Greece.
Hotel phone: +30 22860 71453
Picturesque white washed cave suites. The pool overlooks the caldera and has a pool bar. Some suites have a private pool. The magical 3-bedroom villa sleeps up to 7 and has a full kitchen. The restaurant is one of Oia’s best and the hotel has an elevator (good for people that find the many stairs challenging).

7. San Antonio – Imerovigli

Luxury Hotel near Imerovigli with Infinity Pool and Views of Caldera
Hotel phone: +30 2286 024388
This is a stunning hotel. If you want quiet and seclusion with amazing views and infinity pool then this is the place. The perfect hotel for a romantic honeymoon. The only caveat is that there’s not a lot nearby – there is a bus stop just out the door but most people will want to rent a car if they’re serious about sightseeing. The walk to Imerovigli is a gorgeous 40 minute hike along the caldera path (and Oia is 50 minutes in the opposite direction).

8. Esperas Traditional Houses – Oia

Esperas Hotel has the best sunset view of any hotel in Oia.
Hotel phone: +30 2286 071088
Esperas Traditional Houses has a magical setting at the tip of the island. Oia gets crazy busy during the sunset but Esperas is tucked away down the cliff with gorgeous views to Amoudi Bay and west to the setting sun. Quiet and secluded even though you’re a short walk to central Oia. Rooms are traditional cave suites that are wonderfully decorated. Lots of steps to go anywhere (that’s why you feel so removed from the crowds) so not a great choice for those with limited mobility.

9. Oia Castle Hotel – Oia

Oia Castle Hotel is the best hotel for honeymoon in Oia, Santorini.
Hotel phone: +30 2286 071831
Every suite is unique and amazing. Very romantic and wonderful sunset views. The Cave Pool Suite is one of the best on the island.

10. Chromata Hotel – Imerovigli

Chromata Suites in Santorini, Greece.
Hotel phone: +30 2286 023227
Long one of the island’s best hotels the recipe is still the same: great views, nice pool, fantastic service, and beautifully decorated suites that cascade down the side of the cliff. Every room has a sea view and private veranda. The Chromata and Honeymoon suites are pure luxury.

11. Cosmopolitan Suites – Fira

Cosmopolitan Suites is the best honeymoon hotel in Fira.
Hotel phone: +30 2286 025632
Great location in the heart of Fira and one of Santorini’s best infinity pools. The suites are not huge but at Cosmopolitan it’s all about the views, location, and pool. The 2-bedroom villa is wonderful and good for a larger group or family (but kids have to be older than 13). Nightlife is steps from the front door. I love this place.

12. Mystique – Oia

Mystique Hotel in Santorini.
Hotel phone: +30 2286 071114
Incredible views, great food, private terraces, one of the quieter hotels in Oia yet still walking distance to the center of town.

13. Belvedere Suites – Firostefani

The amazing views of the caldera from hotel in Firostefani.
Hotel phone: +30 2286 025650
Views and location are 5 star. Rooms are not in the luxury category but still nice and good value. Suites are worth the extra money (for the view).

14. Aria Suites – Fira

Aria Suites Hotel in Fira, Santorini.
Hotel phone: +30 2286 028650
The best luxury hotel in Santorini for families. A 3 minute walk to shops and restaurants, but still relatively quiet. Only a handful of suites (all of them large) so book early. One of the few luxury hotels on Santorini that allows young children (largely because it sits back from the caldera’s edge). Very few steps to access the hotel so good for those with limited mobility. And just opened in 2017 are four new huge villas that are pure luxury with fantastic views and private plunge pools. (They’re a 30 second walk from the hotel and main pool.)

15. Ikies Traditional Houses – Oia

Ikies Hotel in Oia, Santorini.
Hotel phone: +30 2286 071311
Ikies is in a quiet location at the south end of Oia (just beyond Perivolas). There’s a small pool and some rooms have private patio and jacuzzi. The full breakfast is made to order and delivered to your terrace. Suites come in a variety of sizes. Views are amazing.

16. Absolute Bliss – Imerovigli

Absolute Bliss Hotel in Imerovigli.
Hotel phone: +30 2286 021310
Large suites, all with private balconies and views, some with jacuzzi. Breakfast served on your balcony. Honeymoon suites are worth the extra cost.

17. Cavo Tagoo – Imerovigli

Cavo Tagoo luxury hotel with views of Oia.
Hotel phone: +30 2286 027900
Brand new hotel and immediately one of Santorini’s best places to stay. Incredible views of the caldera and sunset (looking north towards Oia). All suites have private hot tub or plunge pool and face the caldera. Pool is awesome and bar/restaurant has a hip trendy vibe. Located in a remote section along the caldera about a 15 minute walk north of Imerovigli. Bus stop is steps from hotel.

Where should I stay on Santorini?

Deciding where to stay is the first and trickiest decision visitors to Santorini need to make. It’s not an easy choice.

1) Caldera vs Beach

This is the first decision to be made.

Do you want to stay in the towns along the cliff with the stunning views looking down into the caldera?

The caldera towns are the best place to stay in Santorini.

The west side of the island that looks out into the caldera and where Fira, Oia, Imerovigli, and Firostefani are located. This is where you want to stay to experience the magical side of Santorini.

Or, do you want to stay at one of the beach towns on the opposite side of the island? It’s still a pretty setting but lacks views of the caldera and volcano.

Where the Santorini beaches are located.

The east side of the island is where the beaches are found.

Santorini has the shape of a doorstop. A cliff on one side (the caldera’s edge) that slopes down to the beaches on the other side. It’s about a 10 or 15-minute drive from one side of the island to the other.

If you stay at one of the Beaches the choice is pretty simple and not overly important. There are 2 main towns: Kamari and Perissa (Perivolos beach is an extension of Perissa). Kamari is more developed and has more shops, bars, hotels, and restaurants. Perissa has a slightly better beach. I’d recommend Kamari for the restaurant and bar scene (never crazy). Kamari also has a shorter trip into Fira. There’s a boat that travels between Kamari and Perissa so it’s easy to enjoy both on the same day.

2) What Town on the Caldera?

Most people decide to stay along the Caldera. It’s a good choice and what I recommend. It’s what makes Santorini unique. But now you have to decide which town – and it’s not an easy decision.

But heh, it’s a good problem to have. Too many great places to stay.

There are 4 main towns along the caldera: Fira, Firostefani, Imerovigli, and Oia.

Fira – The Most restaurants, nightlife, shopping. Great views.
Firostefani – Quiet. An easy walk to Fira. Great views.
Imerovigli – Very quiet. A bus, taxi ride, or 25 minute walk from Fira. The best views on the island. A half-dozen wonderful restaurants.
Oia – Many restaurants, some high-end shopping, but little nightlife. Romantic. Great views.

Fira Hotels

Fira has the most hotels, shopping, nightlife, and restaurants of any town in Santorini.
The view from Fira looking into the caldera.

The largest town on the island and the center of the restaurant, shopping, and nightlife scene. The view of the caldera from Fira is spectacular but sunset views will often be impeded by the presence of Thirassia – a small island to Santorini’s west. Fira is2 also the bus hub so every other town is just one bus trip away. Conversely, a trip between 2 other towns will often involve a change of buses in Fira (e.g. Oia to Kamari requires a bus from Oia to Fira, and then Fira to Kamari – not a big deal but it can get tiring after a few days of busing around the island). If you’re in Santorini to party and hit the clubs then you’ll be spending plenty of time in Fira. Of course, the booming nightlife can be loud if your hotel is near the town center. Noise levels are strictly limited along the caldera so if your hotel is perched there you probably won’t have a loud-music problem.

The Best Hotels in Fira

Villas at Aria Suites in Fira, Santorini.
Aria Suites • (Hotel phone: +30 22860 28650)
Great pool and location. Superb luxury suites & villas. The villas (pictured above) have better views and private hot tubs.

More Fira Luxury Hotels

Oia Hotels

Oia hotels with steps.
Oia: Romantic and charming but still lots to do.

The most romantic and enchanting town on Santorini. Criss-crossed with lanes and alleys and jaw-dropping views around every corner. People gather here every night – sitting on walls and steps and rooftops – to watch the sunset. Though Imerovigli might have better views the magic of Oia is the town, the people, the wine, and the setting. It can be busy but it never feels overwhelmingly crowded. Some of the best places to eat are found in Oia and only Fira has more shops and restaurants. There are many places to get a drink late into the evening but for dancing and partying you’ll want to hop a bus or taxi to Fira. The walk from Oia to Fira (in either direction) takes about 2 hours and is one of the magical highlights of a visit to Santorini.

The Best Hotels in Oia

Cave Hotel in Santorini, Greece.
Katikies Hotel • (Hotel phone: +30 22860 71401)
Simply put, one of the best hotels in Greece. 5 star everything.

More Oia Luxury Hotels

Imerovigli Hotels

The incredible caldera views and hotel swimming pools in Imerovigli, Santorini.
The incredible views and romantic atmosphere of Imerovigli.

The best views of any town. Imerovigli is at a higher elevation than any other town along the caldera which gives it the best views of both the sunset and the volcano. Whereas sunset views from Fira can sometimes be impeded by neighboring islands most Imerovigli hotels have a clear view of the setting sun. This is the quietest of the 4 towns and there is no nightlife here. Though the town is small it has some of Santorini’s best restaurants and a few shops and markets. Firostefani is a 15-minute walk away along the clifftop path and Fira another 10 minutes where the choices to eat and shop expand exponentially. Buses go every 30 to 45 minutes in both directions: south to Fira and north to Oia.

The Best Hotels in Imerovigli

Luxury hotel in Imerovigli, Santorini.
Astra Suites • (Hotel phone: +30 2286 023641)
Incredible views, nice pool, kitchenettes in all suites.

More Imerovigli Luxury Hotels

Firostefani Hotels

The wonderful views and luxury hotels of Firostefani, Santorini.
Fira’s close neighbor Firostefani. Quieter but with similar views.

An extension of Fira and an easy 15 minute walk along the caldera path from all the shops and restaurants of Fira. It’s hard to tell where Fira ends and Firostefani begins – it all seems like the same town as you wander between them. The views here are just as wonderful as Fira. Many people go into Fira for dinner and then walk back later in the evening but there are plenty of good restaurants in Firostefani. There is no nightlife – for clubs and bars you’ll definitely be heading to Fira – but the lack of partying makes for a quieter town.

The Best Hotels in Firostefani

The pool and volcano views from Tsitouras Collection in Firostefani, Santorini.
Tsitouras Collection • (Hotel phone: +30 22860 23747)
Wonderful setting, pool, views, and suites. Charming and helpful owners.

More Firostefani Luxury Hotels

Kamari Hotels

Hotels near Kamari beach.

The beach at Kamari.

Kamari has a wonderful family-friendly atmosphere, a pedestrian beach-front walkway, and loads of restaurants. It’s a 15 minute bus ride to Fira making day trips to the caldera towns easy to execute. It’s a pebble beach but the swimming is cool, refreshing, and wonderful. I still recommend that visitors stay along the caldera (because that’s what makes Santorini so unique and spectacular) but spending a few days or a week in this easy-going town is no hardship.

The Best Hotels in Kamari

Luxury hotel with pool in Kamari Beach.
Santorini Kastelli Resort • (Hotel phone: +30 2286 031530)

More Kamari Luxury Hotels

Perissa Hotels

Hotels near Perissa Beach in Santorini.

Perissa Beach.

Perissa Beach has nicer sand than Kamari and more of a backpacker vibe than Kamari. It’s also farther from Fira than Kamari which makes visiting the caldera a bit more of an outing. Still plenty of good restaurants and low-key bars.

The Best Hotels in Perissa

Luxury hotels near Perissa Beach.
Meltemi Village Hotel • (Hotel phone: +30 2286 081325)

More Perissa Luxury Hotels

Santorini Hotels with Private Pool, Jacuzzi, or Plunge Pool

Santorini Hotel with Private Hot Tub.
Suite at San Antonio Hotel near Imerovigli.

There are several hotels on Santorini with private pools of one sort or another – swimming pools, plunge pools, jacuzzis, 2-person baths.

Larger pools (whether private or for the entire hotel) are usually not heated so while people might wonder about the benefit of having a hot tub on a semi-tropical island they get plenty of use by visitors. During July and August nights will usually remain warm but in May, June, September, and October it can get cool after the sun goes down and a small heated pool can be a welcome addition to a suite.

One of my favorite new hotels on Santorini is Sophia Suites in Imerovigli. A stunning location with incredible views and all suites have private plunge pools.

Santorini Hotels with Private Pools or Jacuzzis

FAQ on Hotels and Santorini

What is the best hotel in the Santorini beach towns?

Kastelli Resort (Hotel phone: +30 22860 31530) is the best hotel along the beach.

The hotels at the beach towns don’t have the luxury status as those along the caldera but Kastelli comes pretty close. It has large rooms and 4 pools of varying size are spread around the grounds. The beach and lots of restaurants are a 2 minute walk away. Breakfast is huge and very good.
5 Star Hotel in Kamari Beach, Santorini.

As I say above, I don’t recommend staying at the beach as the caldera is what makes Santorini so unique. But if you still want to stay there then Kamari is the best town (the closest to Fira) and Kastelli is the best hotel.

Can you recommend some hotels to stay that aren’t quite so expensive?

On Santorini you get what you pay for. That said, if you’re willing to compromise a little on the view, the amenities, or on having a pool there are several places that offer very good value.

Here are some good hotels without the five star price tag.

In Fira there is Keti Hotel and Kamares Apartments. Both have great views.

In Firostefani both Villa Maria Damigou and Villa Ilias are simple hotels on the caldera. Not all rooms have views but many do at very reasonable rates.

In Oia Delfini Villas and Zoe Houses have a simple charm and units with wonderful views.

If you’re in Santorini for great views and don’t care much about the location of your hotel then there are a collection of hotels a 20-minute walk south of Fira that have a great perch on the caldera’s cliff. They have very good rates in comparison to the hotels in the main towns. Take a look at Caldera Butterfly Villas, Volcano View, and Lilium Santorini Villa.

What’s better? A sunset view hotel or a caldera view hotel?

I’d choose a caldera view. It’s there all day. The sunset is only there for a few minutes. And it’s also fun to join the crowds and drink a bottle of wine on the steps of Oia as the sun sets – so it’s not as if you’re foregoing the sunset by choosing a hotel with a caldera view.

What hotel has the best views on Santorini?

Imerovigli has the highest elevation of any village on the caldera and thus has some of the best views of the caldera and sunset.

If I could only pick one hotel for the title of Best Caldera View it would be Santorini Grace. Simply amazing views in 3 different directions (north to Oia, west towards Thirassia, and south towards Fira).

Nearby hotels that look more towards Oia are Kasimatis Studios, Galaxy Suites, Avaton Resort & Spa. These 3 probably have the highest perch on Santorini. The views are amazing out over the caldera. Great sunset views with Oia off to the right.

Near Grace are Astra Suites and Tholos Resort. These 3 hotels are on the point of Imerovigli and have near straight on view of Skaros Rock. It’s the postcard picture of the Santorini caldera. But they have a slightly lower elevation than Kasimatis, Galaxy, and Avaton.

Midway between Imerovigli and Oia is Aenaon Villas. Perhaps a little isolated for some (perfect for those looking for solitude) but the views here are extraordinary with both Imerovigli (to the left) and Oia (to the right) within view.

In the opposite direction (towards Fira) but still in Imerovigli are Chromata and Altana Traditional Houses and Suites. Great views though depending on the time of year the sunset can be slightly obscured.

In Fira, I’d recommend the Keti Hotel has the best views. In Firostefani, the hotels with the best views are Belvedere Suites, Tsitouras Collection, and Homeric Poems.

Oia has many hotels with similar views, but standouts include Ikies, Canaves, Katikies (these hotels look in the caldera but don’t have perfect sunset views) and Esperas Traditional Houses (which looks towards the sunset and Ammoudi Bay but not into the caldera).

What’s the best hotel in Santorini not on the caldera?

Vedema 5 star resort near Pyrgos, Santorini.
Vedema Resort is located in the quiet village of Megalochori, 10 minutes from Fira. This is a great place to avoid the crowds (but there are no caldera views). The Presidential and Athenian Family suites are huge and great for families. The pool is one of the largest on Santorini. The food is top notch and there are a couple of great local restaurants (and a winery) within a short walk.

What are the best Santorini hotels for privacy, quiet, and solitude?

The best Santorini hotels for privacy, solitude, and quiet.

Three hotels stand out as providing a quiet and peaceful setting far from the crowds of Fira and Oia. All of these would be great for a honeymoon, romantic getaway, or just privacy and relaxation. (Aenaon Villas is pictured above.)

When should I book my hotel?

As early as possible. The best luxury hotels start filling up 6 to 12 months in advance. Bookings for weddings are often made 1 to 3 years in advance. You can usually always find a place to stay on the island but if you’re booking your room within 2 to 3 months of a summer visit the very best hotels will likely be fully booked.

What is a cave hotel and where are they found?

Cave hotels are much like what they sound. Rooms that are built into the side of the cliff. They typically have curved ceilings and asymmetrical architecture. They can be one-room suites or have multiple rooms. They will usually have a terrace that sits outside the underground portion of the dwelling. Cave houses stay remarkable cool during the heat of the summer. They are usually found in the villages of Fira, Firostefani, Imerovigli, and Oia. Most of the luxury hotels listed above have cave suites.

What town has the best restaurants on Santorini?

Fira has the most choice – and the best selection of inexpensive food (just walk away from caldera and into the center of town). Oia, nearby Amoudi Bay, and Imerovigli have a higher concentration of top-notch restaurants. If I could only eat in one town for the whole trip it would be Imerovigli. These are my favorite restaurants in Santorini.

When is the best time to visit Santorini?

September is my favorite month, but anytime between May and late-October is great. If you’re not in Santorini to suntan and not bothered by a bit of grey sky then March, April, and November can be great times to visit. The beach towns get very quiet outside of June to September. The caldera towns have a longer tourist season but even their shops, restaurants, and hotels start to close in early November. Most luxury hotels are open from March 1 to November 15. In recent years more hotels and restaurants are staying open year-round as off-season travel to Santorini has increased. The slowest months are December, January, and February when Fira is the only town with any pulse.

Is there a must-do thing we have to experience on Santorini?

My number one recommendation is to walk the cliff-path along the top of the caldera from Fira to Oia. It takes 2 to 4 hours and has absolutely incredible views of the volcano.

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