Welcome to HotSheet , the premier web directory, browser start homepage and mobile Home screen app. Featuring breaking news headline feeds from multiple major news sources, plus the best and popular news and entertainment websites. With top US national, local and world news and sports, and best of the web links in eight primary general interest categories. Home page for HotSheet Super Search, a premier Google custom search engine (CSE). Includes top air travel and hotel websites, technology news sites, stock market links and finance tools, and much more in the Hot Sheet web directory links. The single page directory of top sites also includes entertainment news and celebrity gossip pages, shopping mall with top online stores, social media links, movies, TV, music and arcade games.
Use HotSheet as your browser homepage, start page, or favorite web portal. While it works great as your desktop browser home page, HotSheet automatically adjusts to an quick and easy to use layout for iPhone and Android smartphones and virtually all other devices with a web browser. The HotSheet Android app and versatile progressive web app (PWA) allow for a mobile experience with the same links and features as the already familiar to many desktop browser version. Hot Sheet is built for speed and designed to be an uncluttered and easy to use web portal/home page for all modern desktop or notebook PCs, tablets and mobile devices. See our Homepage Instruction page on how to update your web browser settings to set www.hotsheet.com as your web browser start up homepage. Info on how to add a HotSheet icon to a mobile home screen is also included.
The news feeds area on HotSheet features current headlines and breaking news from multiple major news providers. Change the headline news source shown with a simple swipe on a touch screen equipped device, or with the red arrows in the upper right of the headlines area. Your news preference will be remembered on your next visit to hotsheet.com. With news feeds and links to national U.S. networks, local newspapers for major US cities, and world news from leading international outlets, staying on top of current and global news and events is quick and easy with HotSheet.
Use Hot Sheet Super Search to query different major search engines and utilities from one simple form. Our primary search results are powered by Google™ Custom Search with unique image search results and web search results display. Enter a word and click Dictionary for a quick definition, or enter a City,ST to get local news, weather, tv listings or movie times. Find stock quotes, recipes, and medical info, all from this same form.
Hot Sheet works great on your PC or Mac, tablet or iPad, and adapts to a mobile formatted layout on your smartphone or iPhone. Enter the same www.hotsheet.com web address from any device to access the website. Change your Microsoft Edge, Firefox or Google Chrome start page/home page to HotSheet.com to make web startup easy. To simplify your Internet use on all your devices, make HotSheet your web browser homepage, new tab start page or preferred web start bookmark. Use HotSheet to quickly find links to top websites and get the latest breaking news, all from a super fast single page web portal. Download the Android app here
HotSheet.com, Inc. is under the Impreso, Inc. group of companies that include TSTIMPRESO.com, manufacturers of Impreso business papers, and Alexa Springs, bottlers of great tasting pure spring water.
..domain Feature
Quickly open any root domain website (ie: www.abc.com) with this Super Search feature. In the search input form type: ..abc or two dots and any domain without adding the .com extension, then press Enter or click any form button. This will open the domain specified in a new browser window.
If you need to visit www.domain.com, just type ..domain in the box and hit enter. Other options are: ./domain.ext, /.sub.domain, and //sub.domain.ext. If your web browser settings save your forms input, any ..domain entered will be saved and can be selected in the future. Use the browser address bar to paste a complete web address or enter long URLs.

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