1110 · 44 comments

What it feels like to play against somebody who has played more than 2000+ games.

257 · 7 comments

Nappa admits he’s midtier.

314 · 71 comments

Breaking Down All The Characters Into Their Base Archetypes

252 · 50 comments

Tfw you have Bardock and Vegito on your team

54 · 10 comments

This dude dipped once I finally beat him after 15 straight losses.

271 · 34 comments

Easy 1 bar A.Gohan TOD with his dad and Goku

1189 · 29 comments



Puny God

43 · 8 comments

How it feels getting defeated in neutrals by zamasu!

57 · 4 comments

Did a Little yamcha comeback to promote myself up to majin!

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