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What does the term Human rights mean ?
Do you think that victims of human rights violations are protected? Substantiate
Do you think that the government is doing enough to ensure that all human rights are protected? Substantiate.
What is your view on the upcoming laws/legislation on hate crimes in South Africa? Should a country really feel it necessary to have laws on hate crimes?
Who, in your opinion, is more prone to committing human right crimes? Why?
What is Xenophobia ? and your view on it
What , steps can be taken to prevent and combat human right violations?
Do you think that individuals understand their rights and the right of others, and will identify it when they are abused?
"There's no place like home" with regards to xenophobia, do you agree with this statement ?or do you believe that individuals should be treated with hospitality no matter where they are ?
What is meant by restorative justice?
How does involvement of the victim in restorative justice help the victim?
Have you encountered any human rights violations e.g. Xenophobia? If yes, how did you react?
Are the media and government encouraging hate crimes and human rights violations?
Did the media romanticize the Xenephobic attacks in South Africa in recent years?
The role of the media in reporting hate crimes and human rights violations in a responsible way?
Words of wisdom , regarding hate crimes and human rights violations across the world ?

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