Spirits of Mystery: The Last Fire Queen Collector's Edition is rated 2.8 out of 5 by 29.

Rated 5 out of 5 by BooksandGameFan from Another great Spirits of Mystery game! I just demoed 5 of the most current CE games and I disliked all of them. I wasn't going to demo this game because it had so many low ratings well I decided the heck with it and gave this a whirl as the last ditch effort to find a great game I could purchase with today's sale. I'm so glad I gave this game a chance because I'm just loving it! It's a darker somewhat spooky game without being too macabre, it's actually in a weird way slightly scaring and soothing at the same time. I love the games by this designer as they tell the story as you go along so you know why you are doing what you are doing, and the story remains consistent and strong throughout the game. The mini-games are different, fun and most of all doable, which is a big plus for me because I normally skip the mini-games. The Hidden object scenes are fun, interactive and different from one to the other, another big plus. The graphics and scenery are very, very well done! The voices are great, nobody has annoyed me yet lol. The music is nice, and not intrusive, everything looks sort of spooky but not gross so all and all a really great game! Yes, I highly recommend!

Date published: 2018-01-29

Rated 5 out of 5 by biscuitsmama from THANKFULLY THE FINAL GAME IS SO MUCH LESS DISTURBING THAN THE BETA When I tried the beta for this game I found it so gruesome and disturbing that I gave it a very negative review and said I wouldn’t buy the game. When the game was released this morning I don’t know why I tried it but I did and I am very happy to see that perhaps, along with me, others complained about extremely dark nature of the game as well because there were quite a few changes made after the beta. I actually ended up buying the game this morning and find that I am enjoying it. King Wirth and Queen Gloria ruled the Fire Kingdom wisely until tragedy struck and Queen Gloria died in childbirth. Not only did the queen die but one of the babies was born with the mark of a curse near her heart. The king made a difficult and separated the twins at birth sending one to a monastery with her nanny and the other, the cursed child, he had imprisoned under the ice in a lake. Thus begins the tale that will take Princess Fara on her journey to find and help her twin and to save her kingdom as well. The graphics are excellent and beautiful as they always are with this team but it seems we now have a new nanny. Gone is our bit rotund and wise nanny who has been with all of the princesses since the series began. Our new nanny is now a rather trim version who has her head swathed in a turban-like bandage. I guess the developer felt the new version fit into the style of the game better than the original nanny. One of the HOP scenes early in the game stayed the same in spite of my notes to BFG that the items were almost invisible. I think that there should have been an alternate game available or perhaps a skip button after a certain amount of time. That particular scene was grueling and it took random clicking around the entire scene to find the items. There has been a trend with certain developers towards making very difficult HOP scenes and I think that developers should remember that most HOPA gamers are older and don’t have eyes that are generally as sharp as those of the younger gamers. The puzzles are good and I found myself enjoying them a lot with the exception of the repeat the sequence puzzle. I generally enjoy most of the puzzles that this developer includes in their games and find that they always throw a few tougher ones into the mix to keep me on my toes. With each new release of a game in the Spirits of Mystery series we see the games becoming darker and much less to my liking or taste. Although I love the developer and its capabilities, when the company changed from a family owned development team to a presumably corporate one, the games became darker in storyline. It doesn’t matter which series – Puppet Show, Dark Tales, Grim Façade, Redemption Cemetery or Spirits of Mystery, they all seem to be taking that slippery slope into titillating those who clamor for this type of dark and disturbing game while offending and ultimately losing their longtime fan base. As I mentioned above, I was pleased to see that the developer listened to some of the complaints and eliminated what I found quite objectionable from the final release. Now I am enjoying the game play and the storyline far more than I would have thought possible. Thank you AMAX and BFG for presenting a game that I can now play and enjoy. Happy gaming!

Date published: 2018-01-20

Rated 5 out of 5 by sunnyglow from A GAME WHICH REKINDLED MY INTEREST IN THIS SERIES REVIEW BASED ON THE ENTIRE MAIN GAME: Time: 4 Hours 4 Chapters Plus a Bonus Chapter: Strategy Guide: 40 Pages OVERVIEW: Awaken Princess Fara! As a twenty-five (25) year old heir to the Fire Kingdom, you have been asleep since your birth. Now your cursed twin, Sybil, has been kidnapped. As one of the two future queens of the Fire Kingdom, it is up to you to save your sister and restore the Fire Kingdom to its former glory. This requires both of you to locate and return the energy source to the kingdom. Find a way to rekindle the flame of the kingdom, save your sister from her evil alter ego, and restore the kingdom to its former glory. MECHANICS: This is good game for those who love fairy tale games. The graphics are beautiful as usual for AMAX. The game is much better AFTER the demo. Unlike some developers, AMAX provides all their best material after the demo. The pace is excellent with quite a few activities to keep you busy. There is only one gimmick in this game, your ability to light anything with flame emanating from the palms of your hands. There are few extras in this game. There is no puzzle to play in lieu of the HOP scenes. However, you can replay nineteen (19) puzzles and fifteen (15) HOP scenes. You collect twelve (12) statues which supposedly give you some type of power; however, you never use any of these powers within the game. I found the statues easy to locate. WHERE IS MY “DICKSHUNARY?” Impossible to believe! There are many spelling errors within this game. This is unacceptable for a collector’s edition. Even the name of one of the protagonists, Sybil, is spelled two different ways – “Sybill” and “Sybil.” BFG should montior these games and indicate these spelling errors to the developers. BONUS GAME: The bonus game does not relate to the main game. It is a completely different story. However, it does involve a princess. Play a princess invited to a celebration in Temploria. Participate in “Spark Crush” in which everyone shares some of their inner flame to add to the Temploria vessel. However, there is an evildoer trying to prevent this ceremony from taking place. I have not played the entire bonus chapter but from the strategy guide, it appears to be a long chapter. HOP SCENES: There are twenty (20) in the main game. There are several mini-HOP scenes in which you locate a small number of items. The scenes after the demo are better than in the demo. There were a few which I found very creative and well-crafted. There is one which employs cryptic clues in which the player locates three (3) items based for each cryptic clue provided. I love this type of scene. There is another scene which is a storybook scene which has the player searching for items on a globe with star constellations. Another scene has items well-hidden within a clock face. You will need to look closely to locate all those well-hidden items. PUZZLES: There are thirty-one (31) in the main game. They vary in type and difficulty. There are four (4) which allow you to choose the difficulty for the puzzle – either casual or hard. You also play four (4) Match-3 puzzles to battle evildoers you encounter within the game. Listed below are sample of some puzzles from the game after the demo: SPOILER ALERT: PUZZLES AFTER THE DEMO: A. Battle the Evildoer puzzle. Match-3 puzzle. Match 3 tokens to defeat a monster. You also get power-ups and skills which can be used to defeat the enemy. You only have a certain amount of moves to defeat it. This scene is used to fight four (4) evildoers. B. Slider puzzle. Slide moons and stars into their proper position. The items change direction as they are moved on the grid. C. Logic puzzle. Rotate two wheels - one with symbol upon it and the other with slots for those symbols. Rotate them until you match up each symbol with its proper slot on the other wheel. You will need to logically formulate the spacing going back-and-forth and clockwise and counterclockwise to get all symbols into their proper positions. Not as easy as it looks! D. Assembly puzzle. On a web-like grid with various cells, mark in the cells to reproduce a given image. 3X E. Whatever floats your boat! Map puzzle. Create a route using directional arrows to row your boat to a castle avoiding obstacles in your path. You must set the route in six steps and then press start to see if you end up there in one piece! F. Pattern Puzzle. Recreate a pattern given to you on a diagram by placing emeralds on a grid. You will need to go back-and-forth between the diagram and the puzzle to get a code right to open a door. G. Choice between Casual and Hard. Switch and rotating tiles puzzle. Restore a picture by switching pieces and rotating them as well. EXTRAS: Map is provided at the beginning of the game 25 Achievements Replay 19 Puzzles and 15 HOP scenes Collect twelve (12) statues representing skills 8 Wallpapers, 8 Concept Art, 7 Screensavers, Music, Videos

Date published: 2018-01-20

Rated 4 out of 5 by Kay_Erin from Setting things on fire An excellent game in excellent series. Puzzles are good, especially the last one where you had to figure out a layered rock and number/rune placement. The Bonus game is, I think, a prequel to another in the series? or the next game. Anyway, this is a fine series, (with exceptions: see my review of The Lost Queen) with a good solid story line. I did take a point off for the series of puzzles where you collect statues to up your strength in a match 3 game, which was used EVERY time you had to fight an enemy. Old and boring after the first one; I ended up skipping these and not collecting all the statues but that was ok, because all they were good for was upping my strength level in the mini games, which I didn’t care for anyway. Even without these the game was excellent, characters interesting and story line kept pulling me along. I _almost_ waited for the SE version, but I'm glad I didn't as the bonus game was worth the extra cost! Try this out, I think you'll like it!

Date published: 2018-08-24

Rated 4 out of 5 by skullfun from THERE MAY BE HOPE FOR THIS SERIES AFTER ALL! The story begins in the peaceful realm of the Fire Kingdom were King Wirth and Queen Gloria reigned for a long time until a tragedy struck and Queen Gloria died right after she gave birth to the twins. One of the twins was born with a curse mark near her heart and was sent by the King to imprisonment in fear of bad fortune. The other half of the twins, Princess Fara, was sent a monastery with her nanny. Now that Princess Fara has finally woken up and the Great Flame that fuels the kingdom is nearly out, you must now find your long-lost twin sister, save the King Wirth from his descendant to insanity, and save the kingdom... Spirits of Mystery: The Last Fire Queen starts off with a fascinating storyline that is unusually complex for this long-standing HOPA series. Unfortunately, this edition's storyline isn't executed well and somewhat illogical. In my opinion none of the characters in The Last Fire Queen develops enough backstory to establishes any connection with the player. The result is a plot which feels too complex to keep you engaged in the game after about 20 minute mark. I would like to point out that it does get more engaging after you have completed the "demo" and progress on into the game. On the gameplay side, Spirits of Mystery: The Last Fire Queen did not impress like the previous installments of this series. The adventure aspect of the game is pretty much by-the-book, the hidden object scenes are basic and the puzzles are ones you have probably played countless times before. I do appreciate the difficulty selection for the puzzles, although the “Hard” mode usually only increases the tediousness of the puzzles. One redeeming quality in this lackluster game, is the graphics. Spirits of Mystery: The Last Fire Queen showcases some of AMAX Interactive’s best visuals. The fuzzy quality that usually presents in this developer’s previous works was replaced by much sharper, higher-quality graphics. The animations, along with the special effects are also extremely well-done and always give the player something eye-catching to look at. I have noticed a change in the development of all their releases since ERS changed their name to Amax Interactive in 2017 and not to the game company's benefit either. I miss the SHOCK VALUE (which never offended me) and "bizarre twists" that were ever present in this series as well as other games by the former ERS. I was able to complete Spirits of Mystery: The Last Fire Queen in four hours and the bonus chapter in an hour. I love this series and if there is another release I hope it will be more like the releases that launched before 2017. Cheers!

Date published: 2018-06-18

Rated 4 out of 5 by fiewi1 from Power trumps family Although, at first, the artwork seems rough -matching the gloomy atmosphere-, the gameplay quickly wins you over. It consists of some strong puzzles. Overall, and on the plus side, it's a demanding, very focused game, bringing you into the right gaming mood from the very first scene. Only downside that in the mini HOG scenes where you find objects, everything is too small to make out. Another minus is the speakage, which is really slow at times. Can't wait for the next episode though. Overall rating: 4,5

Date published: 2018-02-02

Rated 4 out of 5 by maggiexxx from The Fire Queen The main game was absolutely fine my problem was with the bonus game.No one could have played it before it was issued.The grammar in the dialogue was really atrocious and made it very difficult to follow the directions.It was extremely apparent this game was made in a country where English is not the first language.Very disappointing.

Date published: 2018-01-25

Rated 4 out of 5 by rainworm from You are not alone this time, princess - but don‘t think, it is easier This Spirit of Mystery comes over much different from the other games in that series. As if it wouldn't be part of it. Still, we have the nanny figure and we are a princess, but all other circumstances are quite different, as if the developer has invented another world for this game. The introduction tells us a story about the Fire Kingdom and the birth of twin daughters, who were sent away directly after. We are given a short background to the new ways, this game wants to go. A new aspect in gameplay is: we are a twin and our first task is to find and free our sister, as only together with her, we can restore the kingdom‘s lifeforce: the Great Fire. In this story the old characters like Mortis and Isa don‘t have a place anymore - which is refreshing as it adds to originality. Apart from the nanny, not many other characters play a role at first. We meet a fire spirit who helps to remove one of the obstacles on the way to our sister. The last one, the Sulfur giant, will have to be defeated by ourselves with fire magic. But even after this fight is won, we still haven‘t reached the goal: reunite with our sister….. Gameplay is much better, than usual for the developer, pace is not as slowly as it used to be. Artwork is great, though colors are more held in grey. Some of the HOS are quite creative and we have numerous puzzles of medium difficulty (some more on the easy side).

Date published: 2018-01-19

Rated 3 out of 5 by tallycat14 from They fooled me Be warned!! This is NOT the Spirits of Mystery we have grown to love. No Isa, No Nana. This was a different game entirely with the same name. First off the game was real short. I had it finished in about 2 hours I usually like the games I buy, but I thought this was one of the other ones. Just didn't live up to what I am use too. Story line poor, wasn't that hard either, just not happy with this game.

Date published: 2018-05-03

Rated 3 out of 5 by Majestyx12 from More ick factor than scary factor Starting out I thought the nanny was funny looking. I liked the trial and gameplay. But later the gray hands with the long fingernails were just gross. There are parts I like and parts I don't. I liked the first half the most. I liked the skull hops and it was used more than once. There are 11 hops in the main game and 4 in the bonus. There are 13 mini-games in the main game and 6 in the bonus. I had one place that I had to put a bottle down beside the pestle before I could use the pestle. I didn't mind when they had in the right sequence or order, Simon said and put the skeleton the same as the picture but I didn't like the match three, swap puzzle pieces or in the bonus a motion sickness puzzle.

Date published: 2018-03-13

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