Why We Love It: We love these candid, emotional reactions when the bride’s brother, who was serving in the military, made a surprise appearance.

Why You Love It: "OMG... as a family full of military, just seeing her face puts me in tears!!!" —BamaGirl ForLife
"I know exactly how she feels. My brother won't be able to make it to my wedding in October, and if he showed up, I would lose it just like this. He will be shipped out two weeks after my wedding." —Michele R.
"This is what I am hoping for at my wedding — praying my brother is not deployed." —Beth D.
"Her expression gets me emotional! You can tell she wasn't expecting him, and it just made her day." —Michelle K.
"This picture has it all: Captures the surprise, the reactions, the emotion... for me, it has it all to be a great picture!" —Ellroy M.
"How special! Such well-captured raw emotion." Emma N.
"Hands down... the emotion in this photo is REAL. You can feel it." — Ronda S.
"Made me a little teary-eyed!" —Amy W.
"This picture says 1,000 words! So amazing." —Bridal Reflections

Photo Credit: Tonya Beaver Photography

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