Prices in Zimbabwe are nominally quoted in US Dollars, however, cash is NOT AVAILABLE at Zim ATMs and banks. It is better to bring your money in Cash USD notes (smaller denominations are better as change can often be a problem).Remember, there is a USD2000 limit on how much cash you can leave the country with, so budget wisely. Contact us should you wish us to arrange payments in Zimbabwe for you prior to your arrival.

Vehicle Requirements:

Police roadblocks have become less common since the leadership transition and are generally easy to deal with if you on the right side of the law and have the right approach. Each vehicle must be equipped as follows by law:

  • 1kg serviceable Fire Extinguisher certified by the Standards Association of Zimbabwe carried in the cab
  • 2 Breakdown triangles, plus an additional two for each caravan, boat or trailer.
  • Reflectors as follows, must be of “honeycomb” or “diamond” grade:- 2 by White (60mm50mm at either side on front bumper (or 60mm diameter if circular) for non-commercial vehicles.
    – 2 Red (60mm50mm at either side on rear bumper (or 60mm diameter if circular) for non-commercial vehicles.
    – Continuous red reflector strip (50mm wide) to within not less than 400mm of the outer edges at rear for pickups / twincabs and light trailers.
    – Continuous yellow reflector strip down both sides of vehicle and trailer if combined total length is more than 8 metres (this will apply to must vehicle/trailer combinations when towing!)
  • Trailers to have a reflective white “T” and a reflective red “T” (honeycomb type) on a black background facing to the front and rear of the trailer respectively
  • Serviceable spare wheel, jack and wheel spanner.
  • Plastic rubbish bag to be carried inside vehicle for purposes of disposing of litter
Documentation requirements (E&OE):

Before you leave, make sure you have the following documents:

  • Valid Passport (SA Citizens do not need a Visa, Many European countries do)
  • Valid driver’s licence
  • Paid-off Vehicles – Certified copy of vehicle registration (ownership)papers in the name of the driver
  • Bank-financed vehicles -, carry a letter of authority from the bank (must include dates of travel) together with the vehicle license papers.
  • Third-Party Insurance: Compulsory – obtained at border post OR alternatively obtains at an AA Accredited Sales Agent store. Best to get this beforehand to save time standing in queues at the border.
  • ZA Sticker for SA registered cars: Available at any AA Accredited Sales Agent store.

In order to drive your foreign-registered vehicle in Zimbabwe, you need to obtain a Temporary import Permit (TIP) free of charge at the border. Keep this document as you will need to present it at Police roadblocks.

Border Fees (E&OE):
  • Road Access Fee: Based on the vehicle’s size paid on entry only. (approx. USD 10–USD 24)
  • Exit Pass: Approx. usd7 at each exit
  • Carbon Tax: Based on engine size (approx. USD5 to USD24)
  • Toll Fees: Major roads are tolled, as is Beitbridge it is wise to bring a supply of 1usd bills in order to pay tolls
Beitbridge Border Crossing Assistance

Saturdays are extremely busy at Beitbridge, as are early mornings when the busses pass through.The best times to cross are weekdays between 08:00-12:00 generally. Christmas and Easter are also very congested times of the year.

The Zimbabwe Tourism Authority has staff stationed at key border posts specifically to assist any visitors or tourists coming into Zimbabwe during weekdays working hours only. They will meet you as you cross into Zim, and will assist you right through the border, sorting out all the formalities, road toll, customs, road tax, immigration, visas, Interpol, etc. and then see you right through to the exit gate, they will handle everything for you at absolutely no charge whatsoever. That is their job and they are very proud of it, and it is to show the tourist that you can enter Zim without any problems and with no unforeseen costs. All you have to do is drop them a mail or Whatsapp the day before you expect to cross and then phone them before you cross over and they will meet you at the bridge to sort you out.

Beitbridge: Tapiwa Mpofu +263 77 623550

Vic Falls: Lindarose Ntuli +263772 409373 ()

Forbes (Mutare): Tsitsi Madzingo  +263 772911616

Area Manager: Bertha Mutowembwa +263 772 344317 ()

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